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The Real Agenda Behind Star Wars: The Old Republic

Indoctrination by the propaganda instrument known as Star Wars: The Old Republic has continued too long. Within minutes of stepping foot on the first planet, cleverly cloaked social and political agendas begin to appear. The worlds are rampant with aliens speaking foreign languages despite having a clearly defined official language. Either learn the language or get out!  If that weren’t enough, these aliens (who are probably illegal) stand around pestering people for favors and the game has the audacity to reward players for aiding these ingrates. This tolerance of multilingualism and alien charity undermines patriotism and encourages proletarian internationalism. Continual attempts to condition the public into forfeiting civil liberties and embracing socialist ideals are ubiquitous.

Oppression of the right to bear arms manifests early. Smugglers, bounty-hunters and other criminal elements are the only groups with access to blasters outside the military. The right to blaster pistols and rifles for self-defense or hunting is suspiciously absent.  The further nod to assault weapons bans by making assault cannons exclusive to commandos is distasteful.

Saving for a ship is unnecessary in this proletariat “utopia” because everyone is assigned one. Regardless of work ethic or success, everyone is indefinitely stuck with the ship mandated to them. The Bolster system in War Zones may be the most incendiary socialist mechanism. It rescinds the advantage earned from time investment and work ethic by boosting lazy low level individuals to the same level as everyone else. If one of these indolent individuals manages to bumble their way to maximum level, they are rewarded with welfare gear allowing them to skip the painful grind that dedicated players suffered through.

Star Wars: The Old Republic also promotes unions disguised as guilds. For now, participation and donations are voluntary, but “guild perks” forcing individuals to join or be left in the cold are impending. Once guilds become essential, taxation systems will emerge under the guise of providing services to members and the union indoctrination will be complete.

It’s shocking that sexual orientation in the game has gone largely unnoticed until recent. The title “Rise of the Hutts” is no coincidence. They have paraded these grotesque transgender individuals around since launch and their prevalence and power in the galaxy has only increased. The replacement of former Republic and Empire trade networks with a (gender) neutral trade network operated by Hutts is just one of many examples. God would never allow something so heinous as a hermaphroditic species and neither can we!